Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Here I sit with coffee in hand contemplating the meal I’ll be cooking for Valentines Day. Knowing that it will blow any reasonable weight losses in the past week. Dreams of Rib Eye steaks and Cream of Crab soup with 9 Grain Sourdough bread from Great Harvest Bread Company in Alexandria, VA compete with whether I am attending church this morning or going to the gym.

Weekends can be dull or full of choices and this one is no exception. At least I am off Monday so that adds a little room to cram in more fun/work/naps. At least I didn’t forget to get you flowers.

I got you some flowers!
I got you some flowers!


AM still trying to be consistent with all of this posting, eating and training. The only thing that is consistent is trying.  Hope this doesn’t sound like whining, am actually quite happy and content. Got in 3 hours and twenty minutes of training last week. Posted to the weekly weigh in section and it was down a couple of pounds. Got to see Navy Hockey win the Crabpot Tournament last night. Plus I still have two more days off and the aforementioned delicacies to enjoy. Life is pretty damn good.

Maybe its just because its early. Maybe its because its squat day at the gym. Maybe its because its 9 degrees outside right now, but I am having problems getting my ponderous rear section ready to workout. One more cup of coffee may do it but I really need somebody here to prod me along.

Somebody…..The essence of Valentine’s Day is celebrating that somebody. Hopefully all of you have that somebody. The person behind you success, the person who prods you when you need it. Success doesn’t normally happen in a vacuum, it happens because others were there to cheer you on, to give you a shoulder to cry on, to pick you up when you’ve fallen and to apply one’s foot to your backside when you need it.

Celebrate your somebody today. Tell him or her how important they are. Let them know how they contribute to your success. You don’t need bacon flowers or Steaks and Cream of Crab soup, you just need a few kind words.

Have a great Valentine’s Day.

I’m finishing my coffee and going to the gym.