Thanksgiving And Thankfulness.

Holidays are a great time to spend with families and friends and its hard to resist one that centers around good food. Food has always been an expression of love in my family. Mom was one of those welcoming type of her generation who greeted you, invited you to sit down and then offered to make you something to eat. That has rubbed off on me.

Starting on Wednesday I spent most of two days cooking. Went over to my ex-wife’s house (yes, we get along great) and started on the feast. Everybody had one dish they wanted in addition to the usual Thanksgiving fare, plus I cooked dinner for Wednesday night, Panera Bread potato cream cheese soup. Wednesday was mostly prep so Thursday cooking would go smoothly. Made up two kinds of dressing, pies, soup for dinner, cleaned the smoker for the turkey and shopped for last minute items.

Spent that day hanging out with my daughter and the dogs. She helped some, but I was in my glory in the kitchen. Cooking is something I really enjoy, its that combination of creativity, art and the rewards of satisfied friends and family heaping compliments on you afterwards.

Did a Turkey on the smoker, its always a hit with the family and makes fantastic turkey soup. (the smoke adds a depth of flavor to the soup) One of the nice things about using the smoker is it frees up the oven for all the other things we tend to make for Thanksgiving. And with sweet potato pies, two kinds of stuffing, pumpkin spice corn bread all having to be cooked the extra space was needed.

Could ramble on about the cooking and the food but the important thing was having a great time with people we love. Am blessed to be able to enjoy that smidgen of time together before life gets back in the way and we all join our daily routines of work and school.

Yeah, I put on a few pounds. Yes, this blog is about my battle with the ever expanding waistline. But love makes the war worth fighting. Losing one battle is not going to lose the war. The hour plus long drive gave me time to reflect on what and whom is really important. The love of the people in all of our lives is important. Becoming healthy so we can spend more time wrapping that love around us is the goal.

I hope you too had a Thanksgiving full of love.

What’s Going On Now!

When things get tough, its easy to lose focus on goals. Been focusing on some of life’s obstacles so posting and writing have taken a back seat. In the last moth I’ve:

1. Hurt myself in the gym.
2. Taken one of my dogs to the 24 hour emergency veterinarian, two weekends in a row.
3. Totaled my car. (not my fault)

Throughout this ordeal I’ve stayed positive but have slacked on both exercise and to a lesser degree eating. Exercise because of being hurt both in the gym, then several weeks later in the car accident. My dogs only kept me from exercising on the weekends but was kind of emotionally (and financially) draining.

This week was the first week back to something that resembles running. (YAY!) Also in the down time I have been listening to a couple of books on tape. Two on habits and willpower and one on the actual mindset of doing. The books have been eye opening to the mental approach of goal attainment. Am ordering the print versions and will do a future write up on them.

You will notice that there have posts and pictures of food over the last week. Studies prove that those who keep a food journal tend to do better at both losing weight and maintain that loss. So I volunteered myself as a lab rat and have decided to see if it works for me. So far I have not been consistent. There is a food journal on the front seat of the work truck and of course the pictures you see on this blog.

As far as weight loss goes, it has been fairly static but I am confident that following the process will lead to long term losses.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

The Waistline Warrior!