Two steps forward one step……..

Unless you’re new to fighting the war on the waistline, you know how much work, how aggravating, how joyous and how up and down this battle can become. Had a couple of good weeks in a row. Moving forward only to tumble backwards over the weekend. Two steps forward, one step back.

Occasionally I feel like the proverbial Sisyphus from Greek mythology. Forever rolling the stone up the hill, only to have it roll back down. Repeating the task for all eternity. Oh, how depressing that picture is.

Should have eaten right. Should have exercised. Instead of going out for almost every meal over the weekend, should have used the myriad of great cookbooks one hand. Should have gotten up early. Should have ordered a salad. Should have, could have, would have.

Enough whining! It’s my fault and I take responsibility. Did have a great time though. Navy started its hockey season and the princess and I attended both games. Also went down to Eastern Market in D.C and bought some great produce. (not that I ate much of it!) Also am the best ex-hubby ever because I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon putting front and rear brakes on my ex-wife’s car.

I really wanted to get out and walk/run or hike this weekend. But sometimes you lose a battle. Occasionally you have to put others first. Put your desires and goals on hold, even if for one brief weekend. Because even though the war on the waistline is important. Love is the most important of all.

Don’t hate yourself for one weekend. For losing one battle. Wars are fought over the long haul and are a series of battles. You just need to win the majority of them to come out on top. To get the proverbial stone up the hill.

Just keep fighting. Keep pushing. Keep winning.

The stone didn’t roll all the way back down. It can be pushed up the hill again.


Weekend Workout For Weight Loss.

On holiday weekends like this past Memorial Day, its easy to get caught up in the party’s, get together’s, cookouts and such. Hey! It’s a three day weekend and we worked hard all week right?  I did do one cookout, but also managed to exercise every day.  Each workout about doubled the previous one in time/duration, which was an accident. It just happened that way.

Monday, I was up early so I grabbed coffee and snacks and headed down to the most powerful city on earth for some hiking. Washington DC was pretty quiet at 8:30 am as I pulled to the curb in West Potomac Park just a couple of blocks from the Lincoln Memorial. Apply some sunscreen, throw some water in the backpack and head over the Memorial Bridge into Virginia.

As you cross to the Virginia side of the bridge you can look down on the Mount Vernon Trail. They don’t have (or I couldn’t find) a trail leading down from the bridge directly to the trail. It was early and there was little traffic so I just hiked across the grass and the highway onto the trail at the safest spot. Its a great trail that is 14 miles long, paved and meanders along the river. Around one bend there was a great sweet smell coming from some kind of wild flowers lining the edge of the trail.

great smelling flowers along the trail.
great smelling flowers along the trail.

The trail takes you past Roosevelt Island and then up a hill and over the Key Bridge back into Washington DC. There was a steady stream of all types of fitness enthusiasts. Walkers, runners, cyclists and family’s just seeing the sights. Crossing the bridge back into DC also gives you some good views of Georgetown Cathedral.

Georgetown Cathedral from the Key Bridge.
Georgetown Cathedral from the Key Bridge.

Also get some great views of the Potomac running past the Kennedy Center and the people down below enjoying being on the water.

Looking down from the bridge.
Looking down from the bridge.

That is about the halfway point. Across the bridge and you can follow the C&O Canal. Instead I chose to walk beside the river and enjoy the cool little parks, fountains and shade covered benches. It was there that I took a break, drank more water and did some work in my goals book. People were starting to come out and enjoy the sunshine before it got too warm. After a brief rest it was time to finish up the hike and get outta town before the traffic got heavy and the city got full of people.

On the way back to the car it seemed like I was not pushing myself. The book I used as a guide claimed this to be a two and one half hour hike. I was going to make it in under two. So I decided to kick it up a notch and started using the phone app I installed two days before and finished the last mile and a half running intervals. Running (or something like running) one minute alternated with walking two minutes.

Finished the 5.7 mile journey in under two hours. Including a 10-15 minute break in Georgetown. Really enjoyed that circuit and see me doing it again. Look for a write up on the guidebook and the phone app in the future.

A Fountain To Cool Off In along the Potomac.
A Fountain To Cool Off In along the Potomac.


Let me know what you did this weekend.


Pain ain’t stopping me!

It HURT. It pounded, throbbed and was a distraction.

Smashed my thumb with a hammer at work Friday. Hit it right on the joint next to the hand with a BIG plastic tipped hammer on the last stop of the day. By the time I got home it was throbbing and painful as hell. It helped me realize how important opposable thumbs are to everyday life because it hurt to use it.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. At the track running (if it can be called that), trying out a new phone app for intervals. (run 2 walk 1) to help me get back into running. Am walking around the track, can’t figure out how to stop the annoying tick sound every second. Load it, unload it, start it, stop it, can’t save changes, ARRRRRGH!!!!!. Finally get it working and realize that I already walked in circles for 30 minutes! (Admittedly a good thing) Proceeded to do 7 intervals and call it a day after 51 minutes total work time.

I guess the point is, don’t let pain and aggravation stop you from pursuit of your goals. It would have been easy to give up because of not being able to run with the phone in my other hand. It would have been easy to throw my hands up in total exasperation at the difficulty in setting up that phone app. I didn’t and overcoming those two obstacles made completing that exercise session all the more sweet.

Have a great weekend!





Long Weekend (yay!). Going to waste?

Did my Weekly Weigh In and was surprised to lose almost 3 pounds. Wasn’t exactly the poster child for good behavior during the week. Didn’t eat well not horrible but certainly had some junk. Only made it to the gym once.

So as we start a long Memorial Day weekend, its a choice. The choice is party, socialize and eat the wrong stuff or workout and graze on vegetables? My choice is a combination of both. Have a first birthday party to go for my brother’s granddaughter. The Princess (my daughter) has also let it be know that she would like to see me.  Over three days there will be time for all of it.

Hopefully all of you have a great weekend.