Getting In Gear.

This weekend was light on exercise and long on sitting. Did get out and walk a local Rails to Trials for an hour and ten minutes but that was it.

Feels like I wasted a good opportunity to get in some exercise. Good news was that this site is up and running. That alone was some mental exercise mixed with a small dose of frustration. Hope to get some exercise in sometime this evening and start getting some more work done on this site.

Plans are for a email link on the content page, some links for Facebook and Twitter (things I currently don’t use) and maybe work on some SEO. If there is anything that you think would be worthwhile, send me an email.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Yes, overcoming fear is a great thing. Most of what we fear on a regular basis is not even important. But I do fear putting myself out here and setting myself up for embarrassment and ridicule.

That said I look forward to this new adventure and hope to attract an audience and make a few friends over time.